Jon's dad had a saying that’s informed virtually every decision Jon has made in his life - “Always leave the woodpile a little higher than you found it.” That’s why Jon decided to run for state Senate and that’s the kind of work ethic and commitment to service he takes with him to Concord.


Jon was raised in a little apartment attached to his grandparents’ house on the East side of Manchester.  His parents instilled in him, from a very young age, the same Granite State values of hard work, integrity, and service to our community that Jon and Katie, his wife of nine years, are raising their three young sons with today.

Jon graduated from the University of Notre Dame and then took a job in Washington, DC, conducting terrorism threat assessments for the Department of Defense as a contractor.


Jon created and ran an international business development firm which helped small and medium-sized American businesses take their products and services to some of the most challenging markets on the globe. 

Jon completed a MBA and joined an elite cybersecurity startup based in Silicon Valley as one of the first employees where he still works today.