Support Our Small Business & Innovation Economy

New Hampshire’s prosperity is rooted in our small business and innovation economy. As a result of years of bad policy and a lack of leadership at the state level, our number one export is homegrown potential. With Jon in the State Senate, we are now taking robust, strategic action to reverse this trend once and for all.

Ensure Access to Quality, Affordable Healthcare

Every single person living in New Hampshire should be able to see a doctor when they need to. Jon will always fight to expand access to quality, affordable healthcare.


We are in the midst of an addiction crisis that is perpetrating a seemingly endless cycle of misery which serves as an anchor on our workforce and economy. We are and must continue committing ourselves to bold actions to fully address substance misuse disorder within our borders.

Putting Granite State Families First

For years now, Concord has been putting the squeeze on families in our district. Whether we’re talking about reckless downshifting which has contributed to skyrocketing local property taxes or gifting huge tax breaks to wealthy, out-of-state corporations - these are ill-conceived, ineffective policies. It’s our families, retirees, and small businesses who deserve a break, not corporate special interests.

Making NH Elections Free, Fair & Secure

Voting should be about determining the will of the majority, not withstanding some ridiculous bureaucracy. Nothing is more fundamental - nothing is more sacred - than the right to vote and in the times we live in, nothing could be more important than our ability to make our voices heard at the ballot box.

Jon supports the creation of an independent redistricting commission, getting money out of politics and is a leading voice against voter suppression in all its forms.